On Friday night we hit 100% of our $75k funding goal, which means it’s official. The Unsplash Book is being made!

We're 100% funded!

Thank you so much to every single one of you who has made a pledge to the campaign, helped spread the word, or even just been a part of the creation of this project. We wouldn’t be here without you.

But there’s still a week and a half left in the campaign and the more we can raise, the more we can pay out to the amazing contributors who have given up their work for Unsplash and for the book.

Speaking of contributors, submissions for the book have officially closed and we’ll be announcing which short essay will be included on Monday.

We’d love your help in narrowing down which essay should be chosen. To see the submissions, head over to the writing prompt on Medium and scroll down to the bottom where it says Responses.

If you read something you like, hit the little heart button to recommend the story. While this isn’t a ‘the one with the most hearts wins’ situation, your choice will help us see what submissions are most popular.

Here’s a few excerpts from our favourites so far:

“The greatest gift anyone could give to another person is to see the potential in them of what could be.”
— Tom Farr (link)

“Hit it while it’s hot. Dance while the song’s still on. Write while you still can.”
— Carina Sitkus (link)

“Creation is the birthplace of inspiration, not the other way around… Our life and our art are inseparable, no matter how hard we may try to pull them apart.”
— Maeve G (link)

“One day every color will fade from both our vision and minds. But that’s what makes life fascinating, knowing that we’re seeing and experiencing the world in a way that no one has before, or after ever will. This life is unique to our own eyes and imaginations. Our individual lives are a momentary explosion of brilliance.”
— Alex J Hughes (link)

Once more, THANK YOU so much for helping us hit our funding goal and making this project a reality. And thank you for your continued support and contributions to this project.

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