It didn’t even need to come down to the final hour.

In just over two weeks you made it happen. Funding target met. $76k raised.

In the last 3 days of the Unsplash Book campaign, you helped push things beyond where we ever thought we could get, contributing an additional $18k to reach a final, outrageous total of $106,705.

The timeline of funding for the Unsplash Book on Kickstarter

When we started this campaign with a big goose egg staring us in the face, we had no idea how things would turn out.

$75k looked like a long way away and we were scared.

Seeing your support during this campaign has given us confidence and we couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out.

We are grateful. And all we can say is thank you. Plenty of thank-yous:

You. For believing in and backing this project.

The photographers who made Unsplash what it is and contributed to the book.

The contributors for offering up their time/work without expecting anything in return: Lawrence Lessig, Jeffrey Zeldman, Kirby Ferguson, Tobias van Schneider, James Allworth, Lauren Bath, Dann Petty, Stephanie Georgopulos, Ryan Merkley, James Buckhouse, Jeff Sheldon, Tymn Armstrong, Joshua Redmond, Joshua Earle, Jordan McQueen, Ali Inay, Eric E. Anderson, and Paul Jarvis.

The Unsplash community for sharing input to help shape the book.

DeuxHuitHuit for designing this book with us and letting us film in your office.

Sophia Baboolal (a.k.a. Sophie Spielberg) for making our video better than we ever could have imagined.

Our Patron Sponsors Luc Belaire, Slack, Shopify, Squarespace, imgix, Bench, InVision, and FreshBooks.

Celia Spenard-Ko for helping us with the sweatshirt photoshoot.

Medium and Over for working with us to accept writing/illustration submissions.

And Kickstarter and the Kickstarter community for creating a platform to help support and nurture creative projects.

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