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Sometimes it's the smallest things that end up being big.

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February 9

The Last 1% And An Update On Approximate Shipping Dates

Well, the day is almost here!

Assuming that no tsunamis/snowstorms/acts of God knock us off track, we should have the final PDF of the Unsplash Book off to our amazing printers at Marquis within the next week.

First off, I want to extend a massive, massive thank you to the 20 copyeditors who volunteered their time to go through and mark up each chapter of the book.

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January 27

The Last 10% And A Call For Copyeditors

It’s been a few weeks since we posted an update on how things are coming along with the Unsplash Book.

Like every project, there are natural highs and lows, and after the rush of the Kickstarter campaign and getting the bulk of the book done we seem to have entered the dreaded last 10%.

But fear not! We’ve kept our eyes on the finish line and are getting closer step-by-step, every single day.

Here’s the Greatest Hits version of what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks:

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January 5

Announcing The Winners Of Our Writing And Design Contests

Happy New Year everyone!

With the passing of one year to the next we find ourselves standing at the precipice of our past and future—reflecting on where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and how we’ve grown, while looking forward towards the vast potential that lies ahead.

Looking back (which is always the easiest place to start), what a year it was!

We started the Unsplash Book project nearly 10 months ago with a few simple words on a whiteboard. From that moment we’ve spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of conceptualizing, designing, funding, and printing a 250-page hardcover book.

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December 19

1439 Thank Yous

It didn’t even need to come down to the final hour.

In just over two weeks you made it happen. Funding target met. $76k raised.

In the last 3 days of the Unsplash Book campaign, you helped push things beyond where we ever thought we could get, contributing an additional $18k to reach a final, outrageous total of $106,705.

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December 10

$80k Raised And 1 Week To Go!

With one week left in the Unsplash Book Kickstarter campaign, we’ve surpassed our funding goal by $5,000! But we’re not busting out the high-fives just yet.

The philosophy of this project has always been to celebrate the artists involved and to compensate them as much as possible for the work they’ve freely given up. While our campaign budget was set to allows us to show them a token of gratitude, we think they deserve a bit more than that, don’t you?

Every dollar raised over our funding amount goes directly to the contributors in the book, meaning the more we can raise, and the more books we can sell, the more we’re able to pay everyone involved.

With one week to go, we don’t want to hold anything back.

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