It’s been a few weeks since we posted an update on how things are coming along with the Unsplash Book.

Like every project, there are natural highs and lows, and after the rush of the Kickstarter campaign and getting the bulk of the book done we seem to have entered the dreaded last 10%.

But fear not! We’ve kept our eyes on the finish line and are getting closer step-by-step, every single day.

Here’s the Greatest Hits version of what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks:

Ordering perks

T-shirts, sweat shirts, and post cards, oh my. We’ve been working with a local print shop to make sure we have everything we need in time to hit our March shipping deadline.

Final design tweaks

Over the past 2 weeks we’ve gone back and forth with design feedback with the fine folks at Montreal design agency 288 to make sure that every page of the book looks amazing and that all the photos you’ve selected are high-enough resolution to be included.

We’re about 95% of the way there and the layout should only need a few more adjustments before we’re ready to start printing.

Here’s a look at some of the (almost) final designs:

Part of Chapter 2

Part of this process has also included selecting printing materials for the pages and cover. We’re really excited with the direction this is going and will be sharing updates about the choices shortly!

Setting print date

We’ll be working with Montreal-based Marquis printers on the Unsplash Book. Marquis has a long history of high-quality, environmentally friendly printing and we’re excited to work with them!

Right now we’re on track to have books printed and shipped out by mid- to late-March and will keep you updated to the progress.

Call for copyeditors

We want this book to be as near perfect as possible, and figured that the only way we could get close to that is by once again asking our talented community for help.

I’m looking for 20 people to help copyedit the Unsplash Book in the coming weeks.

If you have any previous experience editing, or are a regular writer/blogger, please get in touch. Each volunteer will be assigned a single chapter to go over for any spelling, grammar, or stylistic errors (or anything just plain weird).

In return, you’ll have our eternal gratitude (and we just might send some extra special swag your way!)

We’ll be working towards strict deadlines to keep on track so please only contact me if you’ll have a few hours to spare in the next 2 weeks.

That’s it for now. Thank you all for your support and patience during this process.

We’re so excited to get these books printed and in your hands!

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