One of the things we’ve constantly been amazed by over the past few years is not just the quality of photographs that are submitted every single day to Unsplash, but also seeing what people do when given freedom to do whatever they want with those photos.

We’ve seen Unsplash photos used for everything from ads and presentations by companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook, to billboards, blog posts, and even album covers by major recording artists.

Not to mention the original art pieces, photo remixes, and custom typography using Unsplash photos.

We wanted to celebrate this spirit of collaboration in the Unsplash Book. So we reached out to some of our favorite artists and asked them to create an original art piece using an Unsplash photo.

One of the first people that came to mind was designer and illustrator Tymn Armstrong.

Tymn is based in San Francisco and when he’s not at his day job designing for Dropbox, he’s working on his own picture books or out taking photographs.

Tymn’s style is quirky and fun and it’s hard to look at his work without a smile creeping onto your face. Yet beneath that initial reaction is where his work takes shape and the details shine through:

“Watching my dad do carpentry taught me to be obsessive in my work. Caring about the details that most people will never notice is what being a craftsman is all about.”

For the book, we teamed Tymn up with Joshua Earle, a UK-based photographer with some of the most downloaded photos on Unsplash. Joshua provided some amazing photos from a recent trip to Switzerland and Tymn went to town, creating his own take on the image.

“When I do these photo-based illustrations I try to do them as quick and loose as possible, like a sketch. That way, the end result doesn’t feel polished and feels more like concept art. I really love the colors and composition in this photo, and having an object in the foreground helps to add depth to the image.

A friend told me that she thought these images were playing a visual trick on the viewer. Because I post these next to real photos if you look at my feed as a whole it’s easy to mistake them for real photographs. Only until you look at them individually do you then see them for what they are.”

Original photo by Joshua Earle
Start of illustration by Tymn of the photo by Joshua Earle
Mid process illustration by Tymn of the photo by Joshua Earle
Final illustration by Tymn of the photo by Joshua Earle

See more of Tymn’s work and read about his inspiration and process in the Unsplash Book!

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